Hole #1

 Par 4 - 372 Yards - S.I. 7 Men | 7 Ladies

The 1st is a straight and relatively simple looking Par 4, but it is a tough opening hole. The S.I. rating very much reflects this.

A drive down the right will be rewarded with an easier shot to the green than from the left. However, any shots going off-line to the right by more than five yards will most likely be in trouble due to the stone wall and tree line that separates the 1st and 11th fairways. There are acres of space to the left in the form of the 18th fairway, so most players will favour this line for their opening tee shot.

The last 120 yards of fairway prior to reaching the green is slightly up-hill and the approach and surround of the green all slope from the left. The green is relatively small, so requires a precise second shot if you are to pitch the green and end up with a makeable birdie putt.

A common approach for the second shot is to land the ball short and let it run onto the green. This is often an effective ploy, but you should bear in mind that the ball will kick to the right, so it is important to direct this type of shot to the left of the green. The correct distance is also important as weakly hit shots have a habit of being taken away by the slope to the front right of the green where a deep bunker lies in wait.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 1