Hole #12

Par 3 - 142 Yards - S.I. 12 Men | 12 Ladies

This is an uphill Par 3, where it is essential that you take enough club to get to the green - otherwise, your ball will probably roll about 30 yards back down the hill. A delicate pitch will then await you!

The green is not very deep, but some assistance comes in the form of a steep bank all the way around the back. This normally helps to stop any shots that would otherwise over-shoot, though this is not guaranteed, and many balls end up on top of the 1st tee, situated just beyond the 12th green.

A fairly large bunker is situated to the left of the green, though this very often comes to the rescue of wayward tee shots that would otherwise be destined for the carpark!

Once safely on the green, some tricky undulations will require a bit of consideration, but the relatively small surface area means most putts are very makeable in two or less attempts.

Club selection is very important on this hole, and those players who can play a high shot will have the best chance of having a birdie putt.