Hole #14

Par 4 - 305 Yards - S.I. 13 Men | 2 Ladies

Whilst short in terms of distance, the 14th is certainly not as easy as the yardage might suggest. The average club golfer will often find the tee shot quite daunting. A pond lies in wait for any topped drives and a stream after 180 yards needs to be cleared to reach the fairway.

The fairway is narrow with trees on the left and a fairly wide area of semi-rough on the right that acts as a 'bale out' area, though heavy undergrowth further to the right will ensure any tee shots that are well off target will be severely punished.

The fairway turns sharply to the left after 250 yards to form a dogleg. The green is quite small and is sloped slightly from front to back and also slightly to the left, meaning approach shots need to be precise if they are to avoid running off the back.

The ideal drive will go straight over the stone bridge that crosses the stream ahead. Most players can comfortably take a driver and be left with anything from a full wedge shot to a short pitch, or even an eagle putt if you're long and accurate enough. Many will opt for a long iron or hybrid club from the tee, just seeking to play for position, so it is important to select a club that you are comfortable with.

The 14th is a challenge. An enjoyable challenge!