Hole #15

Par 3 - 188 Yards - S.I. 8 Men | 10 Ladies

The 15th is a testing Par 3 and is without question one of the most memorable holes on the course.

From an elevated tee position, you are greeted by a green that slopes towards you in an inviting fashion. However, if the pond that stretches across the full width of this hole doesn't instil caution in you, the thick undergrowth on the left and Out of Bounds on the right, probably will.

The green is quite small, particularly so when looking down from the tee. The front half slopes noticabely downhill, whilst the back half forms a flat plateau and very often is the location for the flag. With the flag positioned on the level part of the green, the only realsitic way to score a birdie or to leave a straight forward two-putt is to hit this same area from the tee, something that is difficult from almost 190 yards. When the flag is positioned on the front half, the ideal tee shot should finish up below the hole - putting from above or level with the flag will mean you will do well to get down in two.