Hole #16

Par 4 - 386 Yards - S.I. 2

Just when most golfers are relieved to have navigated holes 13, 14, and 15, along comes hole 16. For those prone to the odd 'topped shot', you may feel the palms of your hands get a little sweatier than usual - many tee shots have fallen victim to the large pond situated immediately in front of the tee.

The fairway, though relatively flat and straight, is lined with trees on both sides so a straight drive will certainly help to calm the nerves. A par (or better) is still far from being guaranteed, however.

The green sits down somewhat lower than the fairway, meaning many golfers will be unable to gain a full view of the flag when playing their second shot. A drive of around 250 yards is needed before the flag can be seen. A silver birch situated behind the green often makes for a good target when the flag is out of view.

The green is guarded by a small ditch that runs the width of the hole and, although much smaller than the green, seems to be much easier to hit with your second shot!

The green offers a relatively small target and is quite undulating. Even the shortest putts need to be given plenty of consideration.

Any Pars will have been well earned indeed.