Hole #2

Par 3 - 185 Yards - S.I. 15 Men | 15 Ladies

The 2nd is a flat Par 3 that doesn't have very much in the way of danger.

There is a line of mature trees situated 50 yards short of the green that needs to be given consideration, but it shouldn't cause a problem for most well struck shots.

Any tee shots that find the green will usually have a putt that is quite easy to read, but the green does slope from the left.

Any shots that finish long or short will have a relatively easy chip shot to set up a Par putt.

It can be a bit more difficult for those shots that miss the green to the left or right. Some small silver birches are situated close to the green on the left and can make things difficult if they're in your intended line. A small embankment just off the right side of the green can make chipping from that side a bit more tricky, especially if the flag is on that side of the green.

2nd hole glynneath golf club