Hole #3

Par 5 - 505 Yards - S.I. 4 Men | 1 Ladies

The 3rd is a classic hole in the sense that it offers players the chance to take some risks with big shots that can be handsomely rewarded, but an error at any time will more often than not result in shots being dropped. It is a common 'card wrecker' for our members playing in strokeplay competitions.

From the elevated tee position, you are greeted by a good view of the fairway ahead, and you can clearly see that going left with your tee shot will mean playing '3 off the tee'. On the right, you are greeted by a line of tall, mature trees and a traditional stone wall running beneath. Going right with your tee shot won't necessarily spell distaster, but you are very much reliant on a lucky kick off the trees if you are to play your second shot unhindered.

Basically, this is a hole where you need to be very straight off the tee, as there's little margin for error.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 3

Those bigger hitters who go for distance and get a good drive away, as far as the end of the line of trees and wall on the right, will have a very good chance of reaching the green in two. However, just like with the tee shot, go slighly left with your second shot and you risk not seeing your ball again! There is plenty of room to the right to 'bale out', however a large tree in the right-hand rough is situated 50 yards short of the green and will stop many shots that are lacking in elevation or distance - and it is pot luck as to where the ball will finish up. Laying up short of the tree can be the best strategy in many cases, but if mis-judged, you could be blocked out for a comfortable third shot to the green. The second shot, therefore, requires plenty of thought, excellent judgement, and occasionally, a bit of luck.

The approach and surround of the green slope from the right, so the ball will usually kick left. The right side of the green is, therefore, the safest line to take, especially when playing into the green from further back. A steep slope to the left of the green will kick any mis-guided shots to that side violently into the undergrowth.

Are you starting to notice a trend? DON'T GO LEFT!

The green is relatively flat, so when you finally reach it, the putt you face should not cause too many problems.

Glynneath Golf Club - 3rd Hole