Hole #4

Par 4 - 434 Yards - S.I. 1 Men | 11 Ladies

The 4th hole is a difficult Par 4 by anyone's standards. The first 250 yards is uphill, before it then flattens out and turns to the left slightly to form a moderate dogleg. A large oak tree is a prominent feature on the left side of the fairway, situated at the point where the fairway begins to turn.

The green is relatively flat but is well guarded by two fairway bunkers in front and a large greenside bunker on the left. It is difficult to see the green itself from further back due to the mounds and contours that form the fairway bunkers.

From the tee, you will see a marker post up ahead. This is the line to follow for those players unable to hit beyond 240 yards with their driver - bearing in mind that the tee-shot is slightly uphill too. Anything too far left of the marker post risks being blocked out by the large oak, unless you are able to get your ball beyond it. For the 'big hitters' who can more easily reach the tree, the more rewarding line to take is to hit for the right side of the tree itself as it is the shortest route to the green. The further right you go, the longer your second shot will be.

A boundary fence running along the left side of this hole is Out of Bounds, but there are acres of space to the right in the form of the 5th fairway - but be considerate for other golfers playing on that hole. Out of Bounds also extends around the back of the green.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 4

The shot selection for your second shot will ultimately be dictated by how far back you are from the green. Many golfers will struggle to reach the green in two on this hole, so the best strategy is to deliberately lay up short of the fairway bunkers that lie 30 yards short of the green - leaving a straight forward pitch onto the green for a nett birdie putt!

Players getting beyond the large oak with their drive will have a mid iron shot to the green. Club selection and trust is important because the green is hidden from view, though the flag is clearly visible. The safe shot is towards the right side of the green as there is little danger to that side, whereas any shots too far left will end up in the greenside bunker.

Well done if you finish with a 4 ......or better!