Hole #5

Par 4 - 387 Yards - S.I. 9 Men | 5 Ladies

The 5th hole offers one of the best views on the course, looking down the Vale of Neath towards Swansea Bay. It also offers a very inviting opportunity to get the driver out and 'let rip'.

The fairway meanders down the hill into what is effectively a slight dogleg shape to the right. The perfect line is over the right side of the tree that is conveniently located in the middle of the fairway some 220 yards from the tee. For those players not comfortable with going over the tree, the best line to take is to aim slightly left of it. This will provide the best direction from which to attack the green. Those tee shots that take the route over the tree will scuttle onwards down the hill and will leave a short shot into the green.

The main obstacles to avoid on the 5th are the scattering of trees in the semi-rough down the right hand side and a fairway bunker on the left that is only just within sight from the tee.

The approach shot requires precision as a large greenside bunker guards the front right of the green. There is a steep bank just off the back of the green so any shots that are too long will be punished by kicking even further from the green and will probably come to rest in thick rough.
The green is very undulating, so finishing up on the wrong part of it can very often lead to a 3-putt.
All in all, this is a very refreshing hole, but walking off with a par will be quite a challenge.