Hole #6

Par 5 - 504 Yards - S.I. 6 Men | 3 Ladies

The 6th hole runs back up along side the 5th. The hole has a gentle uphill gradient for the majority of it's length before becoming quite flat for the final 120 yards. The prominent features on the hole include a large oak tree on the left about 300 yards from the tee, a group of fairway bunkers on the right after 350 yards and two small greenside bunkers on the front right of the green.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 6
On the tee, you are presented with a slightly uphill drive through a narrow valley, created by a large mound at either side of the fairway. The aim is to thread the ball through the valley where, at the top, it flattens out and widens substantially. It is a good tactic to favour the right side of the fairway, as the large oak on the left can come into play for the second shot, obstructing any sort of low trajectory shot that will get close to the green.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 6
The second shot needs to be fairly accurate as a hedge runs down the left side and the Out of Bounds boundary fence on the right comes progressively closer to the fairway as you get towards the green. Most club level golfers will find it difficult to reach the green in two, but it is very achieveable for longer hitters.

As illustrated by the photo above, the fairway is relatively flat on approach to the green and, with an inviting green to aim at, finishing out the hole shouldn't cause too many problems.