Hole #7

 Par 4 - 275 Yards - S.I. 17 Men | 13 Ladies

The 7th is a short hole that, in theory, given it's length, should not pose many problems. The tee and fairway are elevated, with the green situated low down amongst the trees and is well protected by a large bunker at the front. It is possible to reach the green from the tee, but the target area is quite small so taking on such a shot is a high risk strategy. The hole has Out of Bounds all down the left side, an internal Out of Bounds on the right, and two well placed fairway bunkers, also on the right.

The most fruitful way of successfully navigating this hole is to take a 7 or 8 iron from the tee, which is not normally long enough to reach the fairway bunkers. A pitching wedge, or maybe a 9 iron, for the second shot. Follow that up with a couple of putts, and you can walk off towards the 8th tee feeling fairly satisfied.

Never judge a hole by its yardage!

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 7