Hole #8

Par 4 - 369 Yards - S.I. 10 Men | 8 Ladies

The 8th hole is mentioned frequently by visitors as one they particularly enjoyed. It opens with an inviting downhill tee shot, but the fairway then flattens after 250 yards. A tree situated on the left half of the fairway, about 50 yards short of the green, is a prominent feature. The green is narrow, but long - nearly 40 yards long!

Many players opt for a long iron or hybrid club for their tee shot, as the ball will naturally kick forward upon hitting the downhill fairway and will usually end up on the 'flat'. The fairway is fairly wide, so offers a generous target area, but the thick undergrowth that borders the left side of the hole and large oak trees on the right makes a straight tee shot particularly satisfying. Using a driver does not bring any real benefit here in normal conditions.

The green is surrounded by long grass and trees, so hitting the green is important as there is no guarantee that you will find the ball after a wayward shot. It is fairly flat but the length of the green can be deceptive and makes the judgement of distance difficult, so it should be given extra consideration as it is easy to leave a 40 or 50 foot putt. Approach shots that are a bit short or right can be kindly assisted by a small slope that runs down to the green, though shots that are too long or left will be punishshed by being kicked away into undergrowth. The tree on the left of the fairway can cause an obstruction in certain situations, but in most cases it will not be a cause for concern.

This is a fair hole where good shots are rewarded.

Glynneath Golf Club - Hole 8