Hole #9

Par 3 - 166 Yards - S.I. 11 Men | 9 Ladies

The 9th is probably the front runner in terms of being a signature hole. A deep ravine separates tee from green - hence the name 'The Ravine'.

It plays 166 yards from the white tees, but only 130 yards from the yellow tees, so the difficulty factor can vary greatly between the two tee positions.

The green is a two-tier construction with the surface area of each level being quite small. Greenside bunkers are situated at either side of the green, with the left one being particularly deep and troublesome to play out of.

The top level on the green is surrounded by a steep embankment that can often be used to the golfers advantage, particularly if the flag is on that same level. In most cases, any balls played into the bank will roll back onto the green, thus, effectively increasing the target area for your tee shot. However, it is possible to finish on top of the bank which leaves a very tricky chip back onto the green, particularly in the Summer when the course is quite firm and the greens are fast.

The 9th is definitely a hole that people remember.